studio2The Blessed Cross was born of a burning desire to convey Christ’s message of trusting Him, especially in the most difficult and challenging times of life.  Trust is easy to do when life is going well.  It’s not so easy when life delivers its toughest punch – which can bring us to our knees.  Our purpose is to bring hope to those in need and remind them that the Cross brings resurrection. All suffering has meaning and placing our trust in Christ is the key source of strength for our lives. The Blessed Cross studio is staffed by a team of dedicated workers. Among the group is one exceptional, young man who quietly takes up his cross every day. His example of relying on the strength poured upon him is a profound witness to all of us. The crosses are meticulously hand made from individually cut, stained glass mounted on a wooden surface.  Each unique design attempts to portray a visible sign of Christ’s redeeming love and grace. Our team pledges to show Christ’s love by sharing a percentage of the proceeds to St. Bernadette’s Mission in Lima, Peru.  This home provides a safe haven for abused and abandoned children who need physical, emotional, educational and spiritual support. As The Blessed Cross continues to grow and thrive from its humble beginnings, it is my sincerest prayer that each Blessed Cross will be a special treasure for your heart and home.

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In His humble service,